Random Facts About Me

  1. I believe in taking action. Plan. Execute. Evaluate. Repeat if necessary.
  2. I made an important decision about technology and social media when my first son was around 10 years old. Software and technology were developing so quickly that I had to make a conscious choice to stay up to date.  This allowed me to remain connected with the applications that would later influence my children. Continuous learning is an investment in myself, and I’m so glad I do it.
  3. I have a short attention span and I’m easily distracted. I use simple hacks like checklists journals and planners to make sure everything gets done. Fiddle-dee-dee. Spaghetti.
  4. I am living proof that it’s never too late to start something new, whether you want to write, teach, volunteer or to build an audience for your products and services. Don’t worry about what other people are doing. Just focus on being your awesome self. Keep taking action. Be consistent.

My Only Regret

…is deleting my first YouTube channel. From 2011 to 2013 I made videos related to all things beauty. I had a rapidly growing list of 2000+ subscribers, over 190,000 video views and 61,000 page views on my first blog. When I began teaching in schools, I was worried about what parents and students might say if they found my videos. I was embarrassed about my channel name. I panicked. I deleted my videos and took my channel offline. It was such a huge mistake and a lesson learned the hard way. Now, I help people create a strategy and clear goals for their videos, so they can avoid making the same mistakes I have.

Want to know more?

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Past Experience

I have a 15+ year background in process design and improvement, mentoring, and training including 6+ years creating YouTube content. I also presented tips for consumers on the TV show ‘Money and Your Life’ which first aired in Australia during 2013. I’ve worked in retail, defence, human resources, transactional accounting and primary teaching. Phew! That’s a wide range of sectors. My experience gives me a unique perspective on what it takes to pique an audience’s attention and how to use a multi-modal approach to connect with and retain the attention of viewers.

When I’m not working—or posting pics of my Golden Retriever ‘Rusty’ on Instagram—I spend time with family, which includes Alec, 19, brooding design student, and Archer, 7, energetic chatterbox.

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